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Mailbox V's Po Box

Comparing a Mailbox to Po Box!

Considering a Royal Mail Po Box? There are some important facts you need to know which may mail this service is not suitable for you. Whilst Royal Mail Po Box services do certainly have their uses there are some important differences you should be aware of when making your decision. Its not just the price!

Yes price may be an important factor and in many cases may even be the deciding factor, but when using the address for business use the Po Box from Royal Mail may simply be the wrong service for you.

Throughout this page you will understand the differences between the two services, the type of mail you can receive and what you can use the address for, meaning you can make an informed decision.

Po Box

Our Locations

The Mailbox Centre Manchester
Manchester Central

83 Ducie Street
M1 2JQ

Manchester East
Manchester East

132-134 Great Ancoats St
M4 6DE

Manchester North
Manchester North

Initial Business Centre
Wilson Park
M40 8wN

Mailbox Rental

Mail Forwarding for Personal Use

Use one of our addresses to receive your mail, including letters, packages and parcels which will then be forwarded onto you anywhere in the world. Ideal for those in the middle of a move, living in shared accommodation or lucky enough to be going travelling.

As with all the virtual mailing address services on offer at you will receive a real street address with no box, unit or suite numbers. Just your name and our address. Mail received will be forwarded on as per your instructions, you just pay the cost of forwarding.

Mail Forwarding for Business Use

Why go to all the expensive of leasing your own business premises when you don’t need to. With the business mail forwarding service from you can use our professional street address as your business address. Work from home, on the road or anywhere else and still receive your business mail.

Keep your home address confidential by using our address on your business cards, letterheads and websites. We’ll receive your mail and forward it onto you anywhere in the world. You just pay the cost of forwarding with no additional handling charges.

As with all the virtual mailing address services on offer at you will receive a real street address with no box, unit or suite numbers. Just your name and our address.

As you’d expect the professional and confidential services comply with all relevant guidelines issued by HMRC, Companies House and ICO

Business Mailbox Rental

What is Mail Forwarding?

The Mail Forwarding Service is a simple straight forward virtual mailing address service, which will allow you to use our address to receive your mail. Any mail received on your behalf will be forwarded onto an address of your choice anywhere in the world. If you’d prefer to collect your mail see Mailbox Rental

What will my address be?

Unlike other providers City Address do not use box, suite or unit numbers on our Personal, Business or Corporate Mail Forwarding Service.

Your address will simply be our address with your name or business name.

For example

Your Company 
83 Ducie Street
M1 2JQ

How will my mail be forwarded?

This is completely up to you. When signing up to one of our mail forwarding services you will be asked to tell us how you’d like your mail forwarding including

What method we should use;

  • First Class Mail
  • Second Class Mail
  • Airmail
  • Courier
  • Scan to email

How frequently would you like your mail forwarding;

  • Daily
  • Twice a week
  • Weekly

You can change these instructions at anytime.

Can I receive parcels?

Yes. Each of the mail forwarding services allow you to receive reasonably sized parcels which will be forwarded onto you anywhere in the world. If you require large parcels and large volume deliveries you should consider the Mailbox EXTRA service 

Can I use the mail forwarding service as registered office?

As a standalone service the Mail Forwarding service cannot be used as a Registered Office. If you wish to use our address as the registered office of your limited company you can add this service quickly and easily by visiting Registered Address

How much does mail forwarding cost?

The actual cost of mail forwarding depends on the size and weight of the item we’re sending, what service you select (for example first class, second class courier) and the destination. This is charged a cost and pre-paid by way of a deposit account (which you manage online)

Is there any setup charges?

The standard setup charge is usually £10.00 + VAT however currently have a special offer, providing free setup when ordered online.

How do I signup?

All of the services on offer at can be ordered quickly and easily online by selecting the required package from the pricing table above. Simply enter your preferences (such as the names mail will be received in, how frequently you’d like your mail forwarding and how you’d like your mail forwarding) and checkout.

Although we ask that you allow up to 1 business day for your order to be processed and your service activated this is usually much quicker.

Is there a minimum term? offers its mail forwarding services (and all other services) on a range of billing options. The Mail Forwarding Service can be purchased on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis with generous discounts for longer services. The minimum term is what ever option you select.

If you ever wish to cancel all we require is just 7 days notice (by email) and we will get everything cancelled for you.

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