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What is a Registered Address?

What is a Registered office (also referred to as Registered Address) There is a lot of confusion and miss information surrounding a Registered Office Throughout this brief article we intend to dispel the confusion and answer what exactly is a registered office? Why do I need a registered office? What are the requirements? And do I need a registered office at all.

So, what exactly is a registered office? A registered office is an official address of an incorporation such as a limited company (private or public) association, cooperative or charity . In general, the Registered Office will form part of the public records and will be freely available.

The Registered Office is where official documents can be delivered such as letters from Companies House, HMRC and other government bodies can be delivered and deemed to have been served on the company.

A company will also store its statutory documents and registers at its Registered Office, it is here members of the public and visit and inspect these documents which usually includes; Incorporation Certificate, Shareholder and Director Information, Register of Creditors, Register of Debtors, PSC (Persons with Significant Control) register and so on.

Why do I need a Registered Address?

The Companies Act requires all companies to maintain a registered office. Upon formation of your company you will be required to provide a Registered Office address. It is the Registered Office where all official documents relating to your company will be sent such as letters from HMRC and Companies House.

Although you can change the registered office at any time (either by mail or online) completely free of charge you should it is essential that a registered office is maintained throughout the lifetime of the company.

What are the requirements?

The United Kingdom is split into three legal jurisdictions England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The requirements in relation to Registered Office is simple. Your Registered Office must be a physical address located in the same jurisdiction as your company is incorporated. A company incorporated in England for example must have a physical address in England. Although there is no requirement to actually trade from your Registered Office it must be publicly available (members of the public must be able to visit) and it must be able to accept deliveries of your official mail.

Why do I need a Registered Address?

This is a legal requirement of the Companies Act. All companies (private or public)  are legally required to maintain an active and update registered office where official documents can be delivered and deemed to have been served upon the company.

Do I actually need a Registered Address?

The requirement applies exclusively to incorporation limited, PLC, LLP, CIC etc. There is no requirement for sole traders and partnerships to have a Registered Office.

Can I use my home as my registered office?

Yes, you can use your home address as your registered office providing it is located in the same legal jurisdiction if your company is in England and your home address is in England this is fine.

You should however check your mortgage or tenancy agreement as this often contain clauses which prevent the the address being used for business purposes. It may be worth checking your insurance policies to ensure this is covered.

How do I get a Registered Office?

If you require a registered office for your new or existing company you can take a loot a the professional and confidential registered office services here

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